Like a piston press, but doubled.

Simultaneously presses pistons back into the calliper with parallel and symmetrically moving panels, the Disc Brake Piston Pusher is a handy tool that prepares the calliper for brake pad replacements.

Compatible with two- and four-piston brake callipers with an opening wider than 23mm.


Aluminium 6061 / Alloy Steel


Ø23 x 121mm



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Instructions of Use

For Top-loading Callipers: 

- Remove brake pads, insert the tool into the calliper with the rotor between the two panels.
- Turn the handle clockwise to expand the panels and press the pistons back until flush with the calliper. 

For Bottom-loading Callipers: 
- Detach the wheel before using the tool. 


*This tool is compatible with calipers with an opening of 23mm or more in width.
Certain brake callipers with unique structure e.g. Magura MT5/7s are not compatible - please consider the Birzman Double-ended Piston Pusher (BM23-DPP) instead.
* To prevent any damage to the caliper or the tool, please DO NOT exceed the 'MAX' indication, or force the pistons in place with the tool.
* Expand the panels of the tool only until flush with the caliper. Over-expanding may lead to deformations of the tool and damages of the caliper.
* Please cleanse around the piston and, if required, apply appropriate brake fluids before using the tool.
* For use on bicycle brake calipers only. 

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