Can I swap a 160psi gauge to a 220psi one on my pump?

Birzman's gauges are indivudually designed for specific models with different structures and are therefore not interchangeable. 

How do I replace the o-ring in my Snap-It Apogee?

Please click on the link below to the video demonstrating the replacement of an O-ring. 

To purchase spare replacement o-rings, please contact a Birzman distributor in your region. 

How does the Push & Twist head work?

The Push & Twist head is compatible with Presta and Schrader valves under the same steps.

For step-by-step instructions, please visit the link below:

How does the Snap-It Apogee head work?

For detailed instructions on using the Snap-It Apogee head, please see the video below.

Can I use the Snap-It Apogee on pumps from other brands?

We could not guarantee the compatibility of the Snap-It Apogee with non-Birzman pumps due to different specifications.
We would recommend purchasing the entire Birzman pump instead. 

What is the valve compatibility of the Apogee head?

The Snap-It Apogee head is made in accordance with the valve standard of 4.5 to 5 mm. 

If the length of your valve does not follow this standard, please use a Birzman valve extender:

How does the Push & Twist head work?

The Push & Twist valve head is compatible with both Presta and Schrader under the same simple steps: 

Insert, PUSH the collar down and TWIST it by one turn to secure engagement; then simply pull back the collar to disengage. 

What is the difference between Snap-It Pro and Elite?

The Snap-It Pro and Snap-It Elite valve heads are identical in their internal structures. The main difference lies in their appearances.
Snap-It Elite is a fully CNC machined version that is only sold as a single and comes with interchangeable end caps, making it compatible with pumps from both Birzman and from other brands.


Where can I get a replacement blade for the Tube Cutter?

The Tube Cutter has already been equipped with an extra blade, stored inside the handle. 
Remove the cap at the end and you should be able to find it. 

For further top-ups after the default set up, please contact a local Birzman distributor. 

How do I calibrate the Torque Wrench?

We would advise you to source a local certified calibration center to carry out this process as they would have the specific machine and equipment required to re-calibrate the wrench.

The standard procedure is to re-calibrate after one year as suggested, however it would also depend variants such as frequency of use. 

Can you set a specific torque value on the Pocket Torque Wrench?

Due to the 'pocket' nature of the product, the product is intended for indicating the current torque applied, and does not have an adjustment feature for setting a desired torque value. 


What are the compatibilities of the Navigator SB bag?

Navigator SB features a 19 x 9 cm (7.48 x 3.54 in) touch screen window compatible with up to 6.8" displays. 


What is the height of this water bottle in cm?

The height of water bottle (BM10-PO-WB-01-W/K) is 18.5cm.


Where are your products made?

All of Birzman products are proudly made in Taiwan, and designed by the in-house team here at the HQ. 

Where can I purchase Birzman products?

Please contact a Birzman distribution partner in your region, who would help refer you to the nearest stockist. 

For the complete list of Birzman distributors, please see: http://www.birzman.com/about_2.php

Where do I get Birzman replacement parts?

Please contact the shop from which you made your purchase, or a Birzman distributor in your region: http://www.birzman.com/about_2.php

For Warranty Policy, please see: http://www.birzman.com/support.php