'Simple, functional, designed against throwawayism’. 


Birzman was born out of the marriage between design and functionality. The brand was established in 2007 to answer the need for bike-specific tools that offer the right balance of meticulousness and solidness. From a floor pump to a saddle bag, at the core of every product lies Birzman’s painstaking attention to details, in form and function.


Situated in the picturesque Taiwanese village of Dacun, the Birzman HQ boasts a spacious office building and warehouse. Designed with unadorned concrete walls and large windows on all four sides to bring in natural light, and inspire innovative designs.


  • 260 Songhuai Road, Dacun, Changhua 515 Taiwan
  • Tel : 886 4 8535100
  • Fax : 886 4 8538383