Simultaneously presses pistons back into the calliper with parallel and symmetrically moving panels.
Double-ended design, 35 mm end for 4-piston callipers e.g. models from Shimano®/ SRAM®/ TRP®/ Hope®; and 15 mm end for 2-piston callipers and callipers with unique structures e.g. Magura® MT5/7s.


Alloy Steel


130 x 110 x 35 mm


214 g


Taiwan M634915

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DO NOT force the pistons in place with the tool.
Expand the panels of the tool only until flush with the calliper. Over-expanding may lead to deformations of the tool and damages of the calliper.
Please cleanse around the piston and, if required, apply appropriate brake fluids before using the tool.
For use on bicycle brake callipers only, with an opening of 15 mm/35 mm or more in width.
All tools should be stored in a dry environment.

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