Compatible with cables, housings/hoses and wires, the Internal Routing Kit is a magnetic tool that assists internal routing by guiding adapters through the frame.

The fabric covered tip protects the frame from scratches, while the built-in awl helps restore cut housing ends for easier attachment with adapter and makes way for cable insertion.

Contents include 4 x individual adapters, a lead wire and a flexible magnetic extension.


6061 Aluminium / Alloy steel / Copper


Ø21 x 120mm

Other Products In The Range

Ø4 & Ø5mm housings
Ø5mm hydraulic hoses
Shimano® Di2 wires (SD50)
Ø1.2 & Ø1.5mm cables

Compatible with aluminium, carbon fiber and titanium bicycle frames.

Please trim off damaged / frayed cable ends or uneven housing ends to allow secure attachment with the adapter.
Once the adapter is removed from a hydraulic hose, please cut 10mm off the end to ensure engagement with the brass insert.