Feexstand is a multifunctional hybrid combining a storage stand with a repair stand.

Designed to minimise the bulkiness of conventional repair stands, and also maximise frequency of use with the bike stand feature, Feexstand provides a space-saving solution with a friendlier price than two individual stands.

The double-sided stand is compatible with road and mountain bikes, featuring slide rail designs, adjustable components and interchangeable end caps to accommodate frames and wheels of various sizes.

When standing upright as a storage stand, the height adjustable hook holds the seat stay and chain stay of a bike for storage and display; when tilted to form a 3-point standing repair stand, the BB mount and slidable fork mount secure the bike in place for simple repair and maintenance tasks, including cleaning and washing.

The fork mount includes interchangeable end caps compatible with road and mountain bikes Ø5x100 mm Quick Release and Ø12x100 / 15x100 / 15x110 / 20x110 mm Thru Axles; the BB mount comes with a strap hole, where a Velcro can be used to reinforce the fixed frame during maintenance.

Patent: Taiwan I 695793


6061 Aluminium / High polymer / Steel


L420 x W400 x H805 mm

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Patent: Taiwan I 695793

Max. load: 25 kg / 55 lbs.
Max. distance from front axle to BB: 77.5 cm / 30.5".
Compatible with seat stays and chain stays ≦ 23 mm / 0.9" in width.

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