A 10-function multi-tool featuring an integrated 5Nm torque wrench.

As you tighten a bolt with M-Torque in hand, the force through your thumb pushes on the raised button. When this force reaches 5Nm, the button will give a reassuring click, indicating the bolt has been tightened to the correct torque value, just as it would be in a workshop.

The multi-tool includes two Hex keys 4 and 5 mm with torque alert function, one Torx® Key T25, four more hex keys 2 / 3 / 6 / 8 mm, a flathead 4.5 and crosshead #1 screwdriver, as well as a chain tool for 8-12 speed, 3/32" single speed.




Alloy Steel (body & chain tool), CrV (tools)


93 x 57 x 18 mm


170 g


Taiwan I548492

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Spare Parts

Hex keys 4 / 5 mm (5Nm torque alert function)
Tork® key T25 (5Nm torque alert function)
Hex keys 2 / 3 / 8 mm / L-shaped 6 mm
Flathead screwdriver 4.5
Crosshead screwdriver #1
Chain rivet extractor (8-12 speed, 3/32" single speed)

Torque Button Specifications:
- Preset to 5Nm.
- No calibration or maintenance needed
- Rated to 10000 clicks
- IPX4