The award-winning modular Wrench Extension Bar seamlessly combines with wrenches from the Birzman Specialist Wrench collection to greatly increase leverage and control.

Compatiable with Birzman Specialist Wrenches:
Chain Whip 9/10 Speed (BM11-ST-FWT02-K9/BM11-ST-FWT02-K10)
Bottom Bracket Wrench (BM11-ST-BBW02-K)
Freewheel Turner SHGS (BM11-ST-BBW02-KSH)
Cartridge B.B. Wrench (BM11-ST-BBW02-KSC)
Freewheel Turner CC (BM11-ST-BBW02-KCC)
Pedal Wrench (BM11-ST-PDW02-K)


Modular wrench extension bar


CrMo / TPR

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