½" Dr. Torque Wrench compatible with Birzman's range of BB / Cassette / Freewheel / Crank / Chainring / Pedal/Rotor Sockets.

The wrench features bi-directional torque function, for use with both left and right hand threads, and is equipped with a ratcheting 72-teeth at either direction.

The torque ranges from from 10 to 60Nm, with 0.5Nm incremental adjustments in between whole numbers. To adjust the setting, pull down on the collar on the handle and rotate until the indication sits on the desired setting.


½" Dr.

Torque Range



Alloy Steel



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How do I calibrate the Torque Wrench?

We would advise you to source a local certified calibration center to carry out this process as they would have the specific machine and equipment required to re-calibrate the wrench.

The standard procedure is to re-calibrate after one year as suggested, however it would also depend variants such as frequency of use.