Floor pump with Presta-specific valve head and a 220psi gauge.

Snap-It Pro offers a quick and precise engagement with Presta valves, and does not blow-off under high presure. The valve head also features a pressure bleed button (CAD, Controlled Air Discharge system) for ultimate accuracy during inflation.


Snap-It Pro (Presta)


Varnished wood


CNC machined aluminium


CNC machined aluminium


220 psi / 15 bar


United States US 9511636 B2 & US 9249914 B2

United Kingdom 2497163

Germany 102014106141

Taiwan I 498479 & I 489047

China 1682615 & 2235061

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What are the compatibilities of the Snap-It Pro?

The Snap-It Pro head is made in accordance with Presta valve standard of 4.5mm (threads) / 12mm (body & threads).
For more information, please refer to image here: https://www.birzman.com/support_6.php?Mode=Post_Send&Key=46

What is the difference between Snap-It Pro and Elite?

The Snap-It Pro and Snap-It Elite valve heads are identical in their internal structures. The main difference lies in their appearances.
Snap-It Elite is a fully CNC machined version that is only sold as a single and comes with interchangeable end caps, making it compatible with pumps from both Birzman and from other brands.