Infinite Road

BM12-TR-ZCMN05-S Pumps The Flex Hose is stored inside the handle and needs to be taken out and screw into place. <br />
The unique SNAP-IT is the ultimate secure valve connection. It opens up allowing fast and easy valve engagement of any Presta valve. Once engaged, two threaded bits clamp the valve securely on each side preventing blow off under high pressure. Made from aluminum and composite matrix. Attach your pump to the bike with the Bracket. Aluminum is strong, light-weight and durable material constructions.<br />
<br />
CNC-machined ensures precision and durability of metal parts. To ensure a highly smooth surface, machine polished is used during manufacturing.
Infinite Road Infinite Road
Infinite Road
Derived from the award winning horizons pump design - this pump is Road specific.
1.CNC Alloy construction with a large diameter 2.5cm barrel.
2.160 psi max pressure rating is perfect for Road. 
3.Compact stowable design with mounting bracket included. 
4.Dual Function chuck is compatible with both Presta and Schrader Valve types.