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Snap-It Apogee Awarded 2015 Taipei Cycle d&i Award.

Organized by iF Design International, this award seeks out the best in design and innovation from within the cycling industry. 
Snap-It Apogee represents the very best in both design and innovation. Inspired to create the ultimate inflation experience, Snap-It Apogee ensures the quickest, most secure connection to both Presta and Schrader valves.
The superior engagement mechanism prevents any blow-offs at high pressures and eradicates the all-too-common valve core damage when disconnecting from the valve.
Armed with Birzman’s proprietary Air-Lock technology and a pressure bleed button (CAD), Snap-It Apogee offers not only security and reliability, but also precision and accuracy. Empowering you to inflate your tires to exact pressures time and time again.