BM15-ZC-SHEATH Pumps The Air-Lock valve adaptor screws onto a threaded Schrader valve on the shock in one easy step and follows the same one step disconnecting method. The Air-Lock valve adaptor is designed to prevent air loss when disconnecting the valve from the shock. The Zacoo Macht offers a whole new experience in shock pump efficiency. <br />
<br />
Taiwan Patent: I-493105<br />
The Snap-It Apogee valve adaptor provides perfect versatility. It takes just one quick shift of the outer chamber to alternate between Presta and Schrader compatibility.<br />
The valve connection is secure even at high pressures and the Snap-It Apogee mechanism ensures no damage to valve cores when disconnecting.<br />
With integrated Air-Lock technology for your front fork suspension, Snap-It Apogee truly is revolutionary technology. <br />
<br />
United States Patent   US 9249914 B2<br />
Taiwan Patent  I 498479 /  I 489047<br />
United Kingdom Patent: 2497163<br />
China Patent: 1682615<br />
Germany Patent  Patent Pending Turn the cartridge clockwise to puncture and close the valve. Turn it counter-clockwise to open the valve and release the CO2. The system is compatible with all threaded CO2 cartridges. Aluminum is strong, light-weight and durable material constructions.<br />
<br />
CNC-machined ensures precision and durability of metal parts.
The Sheath offers an all-in-one inflation solution for the rider who wants the instant power of CO2 as well controlled accuracy in a pump. The innovative Snap-It Apogee valve adapter makes inflation easier than ever before. 
-Compatible with Presta and Schrader valve types
-The hose is built into the handle and extends for easy application
-160psi/ 11 bar
-The Snap-It Apogee adapter is detachable and compatible with CO2 cartridges.
-CNC machined aluminum barrel
-Equipped with a comfortable anti-slip grip and and a dust protection cap