Velocity - Apogee MG

BM14-ZC-MN04-GA234 Pumps The Air-Lock valve adaptor screws onto a threaded Schrader valve on the shock in one easy step and follows the same one step disconnecting method. The Air-Lock valve adaptor is designed to prevent air loss when disconnecting the valve from the shock. The Zacoo Macht offers a whole new experience in shock pump efficiency. <br />
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Taiwan Patent: I-493105<br />
The Snap-It Apogee valve adaptor provides perfect versatility. It takes just one quick shift of the outer chamber to alternate between Presta and Schrader compatibility.<br />
The valve connection is secure even at high pressures and the Snap-It Apogee mechanism ensures no damage to valve cores when disconnecting.<br />
With integrated Air-Lock technology for your front fork suspension, Snap-It Apogee truly is revolutionary technology. <br />
<br />
United States Patent   US 9249914 B2<br />
Taiwan Patent  I 498479 /  I 489047<br />
United Kingdom Patent: 2497163<br />
China Patent: 1682615<br />
Germany Patent  Patent Pending The QR hose is build into the handle and extends for easy use. Pump the handle once and it shoots into place.<br />
Attach your pump to the bike with the Bracket. Aluminum is strong, light-weight and durable material constructions.<br />
<br />
CNC-machined ensures precision and durability of metal parts. To ensure a highly smooth surface, machine polished is used during manufacturing.
Velocity - Apogee MG
Velocity - Apogee MG
The Velocity Apogee MG is a stylish aluminum mini pump that handles high pressure with ease. 
It is capable of inflating tires to 90psi. Its extendable hose makes it quicker and easier to inflate tires than ever before. 
The Velocity Apogee MG features the new innovative Snap-It Apogee valve adaptor.
Gauge: 0-90 psi / 6.2 bar
Size: 22x3cm