Dragonfly 9,10 & 11 Speed

BM09-DF-S Tools The interchangeable cradle is designed for 11 speed chains. The gate mechanism breaks the chain and stiff links accurately and quickly after riveting. Special steel S2 is super rigid material which guards against wear and tear. Aluminum is strong, light-weight and durable material constructions.<br />
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CNC-machined ensures precision and durability of metal parts. Tools constructed by forging results in extremely strong and durable tools. To ensure a highly smooth surface, machine polished is used during manufacturing.
Dragonfly 9,10 & 11 Speed Dragonfly 9,10 & 11 Speed
Dragonfly 9,10 & 11 Speed
Dragonfly Chain Rivet Extractor
1.It is the perfect tool for quick exchanges and repair applications.
2.Perfect T-design for extra handling leverage.
3.Reversible for 9/10 and 11 speed.
4.Special-steel S2 replaceable rivet pin