Feexman Cicada 5 Functions

BM11-PO-FM16-C5 Tools Chrome vanadium combines strength, toughness and resistance against wear and tear. Aesthetic Carbon ensures stronger and lighter components due to 100% structural carbon fiber with no metal reinforcements. CNC-machined ensures precision and durability of metal parts. Tools constructed by forging results in extremely strong and durable tools. The latest technology and materials are combined to ensure light weight design.
Feexman Cicada 5 Functions
Feexman Cicada 5 Functions
Feexman Cicada is very light and handy with the side of carbon and the chain rivet of aluminum.
  Side Panels - Carbon 
  Bits - Cr-V (6150)
2.5 functions: 
  Cross head screwdriver #1
  Hexkey 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm