The Birzman experience would not be complete without its partners - those who share the same passion for the ride as we do. The brand, the partners and the riders come together under a single banner of innovation and excellence, Birzman.

Jean Biermans

Jean Biermans is a MTB rider with a fierce drive to compete , not only against other athletes, but against himself. His story is one that almost defies belief.
After being hit by a bus and dragged 15m, Jean’s left leg was ravaged almost beyond repair and he was very fortunate to eventually leave hospital without having to amputate.
After several years devoted to rehabilitation, Jean started cycling for fun and found that he was a natural on the bike.
Since then, he has gone on to achieve much success, including 2 world titles for 24 hour MTB races (2-man) and winning the 36ONE in the record time of 14.15hrs ( 3 hours faster than 2013).