The Birzman experience would not be complete without its partners - those who share the same passion for the ride as we do. The brand, the partners and the riders come together under a single banner of innovation and excellence, Birzman.

Fan Yung Yi

Fan Yung Yi is a Taiwanese professional rider who has been competing at the top level in Taiwan since 1999. Yung Yi is one of the very few riders to have won the Taiwanese KOM Challenge on two occasions (2010-2011). He is also the first Taiwanese Cyclist to have completed the GENCO Mongolia Mountain Bike Challenge. Aside from cycling, Yung Yi currently resides in Taidong where he works as an elementary school teacher. We are proud to have Yung Yi as part of our team!

Major Wins
-Two-time Taiwan KOM Challenge winner: 2010-2011 (From 0 to 3275m, 105km)
-5th: 2014 Toure de Taitung
-7th: 2014 Taiwan Cyclist Federation KOM

-2 st: Wuling Cup
-2 st: Mountain Yushan Tataka climb race
-5th : Tour de friendship Thailand
-4th: Tour de friendship Thailand Stage 4
-5 st:Tour de east Taitung
-7th: Taiwan Cyclist Federation KOM
-1st: Mountain Yushan Tataka climb race
-1st: Wuling Cup

-7th: The National Game of road bike

-Taiwan Cyclist Federation 2013 KOM