Chi Siamo

At Birzman, our mission is simple: keep riders riding, exploring and living boundlessly. In doing all we can, we are committed to producing tools and accessories that share the same pride of place as your bicycle.



The story of Birzman is the story of living boundlessly, and enjoying nature’s playgrounds on one’s own terms. It is a story of passion, pursuit of dreams and challenging the status quo and living boundlessly. 

Birzman was born out of the marriage between increased design and optimized functionality. Birzman was established in 2007 to answer the need for well designed, bike-specific tools. 

Situated in the picturesque village of Dacun, the Birzman head quarter boasts a spacious 6200 square meter office building and warehouse. Designed with unadorned concrete walls and large windows on all four sides to bring in natural light, and inspire innovative design. 

Our aim was, and still is, to deliver better cycling-specific tools to a market conditioned to expect cast-offs from the auto trade or low quality and imperfect bike-specific tools. 

For all enthusiasts of cycling, Birzman offers tools and accessories that allow riders to ride; confident in the knowledge that they have optimum designed equipment to overcome any difficulty and to keep on riding. 


  • 260 Songhuai Road, Dacun, Changhua 515 Taiwan
  • Tel : 886 4 8535100
  • Fax : 886 4 8538383